Ah! My Action Replay just died... I think.

Okay, so I go to boot up my copy of Samurai Showdown 3 with my Action Replay... I've done this several times before. It gets to the Action Replay menu screen, and I select "start game without cheats". The Sega logo then comes up, but then it goes to a Japanese message that has the English words "Ram cart" in it. It's obvious that the game is not reading the ram on the Action Replay.

So I say "okay, maybe this just a problem with the game". Not so... Metal Slug does the same thing. So my Saturn's reading that I have an Action Replay, but now all of the sudden it's not reading that it has the extra ram needed for these games... Okay, can anyone help me out here? I've played these games a million times before with this cart. I'M DESPERATE!

FYI, it's not a 4M Plus Action Replay... it's just the 1M version.

Thank you.

Try removing the cart, reinserting it and then pulling it back up a couple of millimetres. Often this works when a cart stops working altogether, but it may work in your case too.

If not, it may be time to get a new cart...
No worries.
Originally posted by Gear@Nov. 25 2002, 1:50 am

I have the same problem; but the cart doesn't work in any saturn.

Then that's probably a different problem.