I'm going to incorporate all the Xtreme boards into one board soon so its easier
Originally posted by IceMan2k@Feb. 06 2003, 5:02 pm

I'm going to incorporate all the Xtreme boards into one board soon so its easier

so what are you going to call the place?

I was thinking, sections for different publishers like Capcom, SNK, and Konami would be cool. Forget about EA though
I'm going to incorporate all the Xtreme boards into one board soon so its easier

Could you explain further? Does this include nintendo xtreme?

You already have a 3do forum and a turbo forum so will your plans result in just deleting their boards altogether, a slight renaming of the forums mentioned, and in the end claim it to be incorporation?

Are you planning on adding forums that they have on those boards to this board? That could screw up the load time of this boards main index unless you can group forums together under a section and collapse it. Does ikonboard allow that?
God damned make up your mind ice you begged for months for someone to start up a 3do sight , nobody answered the call now theres a 3doxtreme sight ...yeah sure it could use one or two more elements for content but what sight cant ?

This sight itself neads tons of cleaning , and you have 20 people or somthing on the staff . 3doxtreme needs a couple of staffers and moderators who are ACTIVE . Nobodies contributed anything since the sight opened except fakk .

Your a very difficult person to deal with , I could have spent the money myself for a domain name server space ect instead of giving it to you . Its not really that much money , In fact the way I see it Im part owner of that sight because I came up with the money and time and your part owner because it was your idea and you link to it . So you should consult me first before any decsions are made .

Id email or pm you this but like I said your difficult , you only want to talk about the stuff you want to talk about . Why do you think you go through staffers like most people change there underwear ?

Ok im not doing anymore real work untill you make up your mind on what your gonna do . Goodluck on finding people to help you do what ever you want look how well necxtreme's taken of ...what make you think people are gonna help you do whatever it is you want today ?

Final note your more wishy washy than all my ex bitches put together . ( not that iceman's my bitch mind you ) just making a point that he changes his mind more than the most woman ...in fact a bunch of them .
NECX hasnt taken off yet as I'm the only one creating the pages, setting up the message board which is apparently going to be taken down for this all in one board. There is Lots of Nec info that I have had to sift through and work on while blancing a job, car and other responsibilites. All of this really puts a strain on my free time which is the only time i can work on the site.

The site with info will be up shortly. If anyone wants to help its all up to them. I still need someone to set up the news program and help with sections.

As you've noticed I've resigned my comission at SX here, but I'm still an active member to the boards. I still make a post here or there and contribute with ideas and such.

Sorry if this post sounds bitchy but thats just the way I am. And yes Xavier we have had our scuffs in the past but i hope that is all behind us.

It is also true that there needs to be set admins and mods to the sites that arent going to bail after a week or two or cause problems. There should be only 1 admin and thats the site operator, in SX's case thats Iceman. 3X's case would be Xavier? And in NECX's case, me. All the sites should have their own boards, but the reason I believe that the possibility of all the boards being integrated into one is that SX boards receive the most hits in a day.

All the admins should colabirate to see what would be best for what site.

THis is just my 2 cents as I'm tired of all the complaints, fighting, etc etc that takes place. I come here becasue I like vid games, if i dont like someone I wont bother with them. people here should follow suit.