Albert Odyssey and Shining Wisdom?

Hey Guys,

I'm on my way to starting a Saturn collection. I was wondering if Albert Odyssey and Shining Wisdom were worth getting. What kind of games are these? Oh, and any other suggestions on what to add to the collection would be greatly appreciated. Have a Merry Christmas!
i could swear i've seen this exact post by someone else not 2 months ago

shining wisdom sucks

i've only played it for about 3 minutes but it sucks

albert odyssey's pretty good though

they're both rpgs

very much that snes era rpg, top down, straight turn based combat ect.
Actually I own both but haven't played much shining wisdom, so I won't tell anything about it, but I've played Albert Oddissey and I kinda liked it... it's a good old school style rpg...
Shining Wisdom: Played about 15 minutes, wasn't enough to grab me. Ended up selling it on ebay. Of course, this was about 2 years after it was released.

Albert Odyssey: Played through it, but ultimately was a bit disappointed. The overall packaging is not bad, it's a pretty world (albeit not exceptional in any way) but it seems like a "Duplo" RPG to me. Simplistic combat, limited spell selection and enemy variety -- story is a bit uninspired. Working Designs humor rampant. I gave it a C when I played it. By today's standards, I give it a D+.