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ok i got my 1st Model 1 sega cd(we'll ref to this 1 as #1) lastweek and something was up with the cd drive,so i went and bought another one and got it today(and ref to this 1 as #2),pluged in #2 and it took a few trys but i got into the sega cd screen,poped in a game and boom it loaded and then crashed reset did the samething so i fig something was wrong that was cousin the lockups but the cd drive wasgood.

so i took the cd drive out of #2 and put it in #1 and it does the samething as the old drive that came with #1(access light just keeps blinking with lazer makeing some loud noise's)so i thought something else in #1 must be bad took the Mainboard out of #2 put it in #1 and still samething,so i took the power board out of #2 put it in #1 something but remember when it was in case #2 it worked and loaded a game..WTF is going on PLZ HELP ASAP.....

also im useing the same cords,genesis and everything...i checked the ribbon cables in the system to see if they were lose but were not,i even used the ribbon cables from the inside of #2 and that didnt work.......