AM2 planned to license Shenmue development tools


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CSK and AM2 have announced that they plan to license their Shenmue development tools to third-party developers. The so-called Shenmue plug-in can be used with the Softimage 3D development environment and includes 62 modules that were used in the development of the Dreamcast adventure game.

According to this article, SEGA wanted to provide licensing on Shenmue tools, is there any known games using them ?
Great. I don't look forward to seeing poorly animated low polygon characters running around. I was never impressed with Shenmue's graphics.
It is great news that licence is coming for this kit. I don't know any other games which use this kits excluding Shenmue 1 and Shenmue 2 which have not the good graphics and animations. I hope that a game having good graphics and best animations should developed soon.