An intresting little PC (console style) RPG

Ever wondered what happened to some of those Japanese style games that never make it over seas (No I don't mean those H-Games! *BAPP!*:p). Well I've found something quite intresting recently going by the name of Arcturus - The Curse and Loss of Divinity.

Its a game made by WizardSoft (a Korean Company) that looks to be a console style RPG for the PC in the shape of a really nice XenoGears type engine. What is intresting thing is that this game looks like its to be translated into ENGLISH. Well its only a small Alpha demo and is only partically complate atm but is intresting never the less.

Take a look at a couple of these screenshots and see what you think.





You can download the Alpha Demo here (130 MB's) from their official site. its a bit of a heavy download but if you have the time and on a good connection it maybe worth taking a look. I have anyway and it looks to be very nice :) Hopefully we can finally see more of these types of RPG's coming to the P.C overseas.

*Sorry if you think I'm spamming btw, but I though this little number deserved some attention*
Looks cool...i don't think its being translated to english though.(i could be wrong though).. a lot of japanese games have some english in them...mostly in the menus...
This demo I've download has (mostly anyway), including the main dialog throughout the demo. A little Engrish at times but I think thats to be a expected lol :) Better than a few translations I've seen anyway.