And the head of United Game Artists to leave SEGA.

IGN reports that United Game Artist studio head Tetsuya Mizuguchi will be leaving Sega on the 10th of this month. His past works include Manx TT Superbike, Sega Touring Car, Sega Rally 2, Rez and Space Channel 5.

Mizuguchi had this to say about his future: "Once I've left the company, I'll become a free creator. I'll be making a company where I can act freely. The 'who' and 'where' are, to a certain extent, already set. I cannot say the name of the company."


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I am glad, Mizuguchi-san will be much more "free" when developing now. I hope we get to see more amazing music games such as Rez or Space Channel 5 part 2.
Does it even matter anymore? Its not like the Sega only console he was devloping for is now missing him? Wherever he goes, he's still gonna be making games for the same systems.
after uga merged with sonic team i think it was kind of an inevitablity. he's gonna be overshadow were he to stay with sega. funny. i was just playing a round of rez today and wishing there were more games like it. the mix of color, light and sound's a fairly unique thing in gaming. given his own company mizuguchi might be more able to produce more stuff like that
when I read that UGA had merged with sonic team I was sad. Not that I don't enjoy both of them, its just that I knew the games would never turn out the same as they would have if it had just been UGA. I can see SEGA's move on this part too though, they are trying to actually make money - something that they haven't been trying in awhile - and UGA was one of the biggest money drainers. Most original ideas? Yup. Amazing line of A+ titles? Yup. Games that sell? No.

Why? Too many dumbasses purchasing generic games. Gamers have gone from choosey nerds to uninformed masses, and the latter promotes crap ass licensed games over high quality original titles.

I did believe this would happen, I was only surprised to see it take so long. As much as it sucks for SEGA to lose such an important person, I hope the rest of the UGA personnel also jump ship and band together to come up with more crazy ass goodness.