Another NEW Bin/Cue just for SegaXtreme

Its at my w w w. Like usual I will not post it..FIGURE it out...and Im sorry to make so many posts in the TG16 section, seems like Im taking it, but at least we now have a section up where I can talk to people considering I dont have many Sega CDs to dump or Saturn games for that matter, at least none that anyone seems to want. :p This time I put up Beyond Shadowgate, an EXTREMELY RARE Super CD that would cost you a fortune to buy in mint condition. well I did, now you have it,,,Enjoy!!
...Or you could just go to to see where he leeched them from. You didn't even bother to change the wording of the .nfo! Unauthorized distro of our (RIGGs) files is prohibited! He stole this from the RIGG! Yes I am making some hardcore accusations, but come on! The head of RIGG is called Tenchi!
Quote: from WKoT on 9:37 pm on Mar. 10, 2002

Unauthorized distro of our (RIGGs) files is prohibited! He stole this from the RIGG!

And guess what the rigg is doing, stealing the games creating pirate copies and distributing them when the game s are owned by NEC or which ever developer created the games.

Ratmahatta, when will you cease to be an #######. That's like the pot calling the kettle black. I'm not going to argue with someone who obviously doesnt have to common sense or the decency to appreciate what we're trying to do. But then again, if you HAD been a member of our community, maybe you'd have had an idea. As far as distribution of our archives are concerned, they aren't prohibited, all we ask is that you give credit where credit is due. We want them to be disbursed, though we have no control over HOW they are shared, we'd like them to be shared amicably and without greedy intent. RIGG has spend ALOT of time, MONEY and effort PURCHASING and TRADING originals to archive for public distribution. It's not about money, it's not about fame, it's not about WAREZ. These games have gone unnoticed for a very long time, some people these days haven't even HEARD of the Duo. Not everyone can pay $600 for a mint of Sapphire on EBAY, nor should they have to. This is the last time i'm going to say this, and i'm already repeating myself. The Retro ISO Gaming Guild (RIGG) is a group dedicated to preserving these works of art in the purest form possible so they can be enjoyed by future generations. Thanks to the support of all the old guard in the PC-Engine and emu community we've blossomed into something special. If you want to think we're a bunch of pirates...that's your perogative. I know the truth, so do my Ops and the other members of our community. I'm sorry you can't understand that we're trying to do something special with this console, for everyone. But that's my 2 cents, for whatever it's worth.



RIGG Cheif of Operations

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It's not about money, it's not about fame, it's not about WAREZ. ... I'm sorry you can't understand that we're trying to do something special with this console, for everyone.

It seems WKoT can't understand it either. Bickering over credit for "releases" is exactly the sort of counterproductive BS that goes on in - you guessed it - warez scenes. It would be one thing to say something like "FYI, this is a repack of the RIGG release, check out our community at .", but instead WKoT's post was going off on a tangent to the point of trying to imply that FAKK2 was somehow trying to impersonate RIGG by using the name "Tenchi", and acting like RIGG is in a completely different legal position than anyone else who does the exact same thing.

That's like the pot calling the kettle black.

Yes, that's the point. Did you miss the part where WKoT originally said that the game was "stolen" from RIGG?

The Retro ISO Gaming Guild (RIGG) is a group dedicated to preserving these works of art in the purest form possible so they can be enjoyed by future generations.

I totally respect what RIGG is doing, and I really hope this can be resolved. As before, I have no interest in attacking RIGG.
I have no interest in attacking rigg either, shit I do the same thing as them for christ sakes. I run all my stuff off ftp, so tenchi lets just drop it all. Bury the hatchet and start a new. agreed?
hmmm. This is fu@ked up......I changeed my name to FAKK2 ages ago......My website has the name Tenchi in it because my username at my ISP is Tenchi. I dont know or have anything to do with RIGG or anyone Who is involved with RIGG, I went out on ebay and bought the #### game.....put it on my own web site and yes....I have no talent for shit when it comes to .nfo files so I grabbed an nfo file from KALISTO and changed it around to suit my needs.... If someone has allready released all the duo games before, why didnt anyone tell me, I only released Beyond Shadowgate.....because its after Addams Family, I was going in alphebetical order....So to #### with those of you who think Im stealing someone elses releases......or whatever the #### you would like to call them.....What I want to know now is you guys HERE at SegaXtreme want the rest of my releases or do you allready have all of RIGGs releaases...I assume he released ALL Duo games by now...... All I gotta say is I wanted this to be a start of something nice and new, and now I get out of the hospital to see if everyone is pleased and I get sh!t about stealing others releases, especially (RIGG) someone Ive never heard of!....great.....this is all I needed. Thanks guys.......I guess I ll go ahead and take it down now since nobody needs it......

EDIT: Oh BTW You can purchase the game (Beyond Shadowgate) at GAMEDUDE.COM for like $90, they have 1 left in stock, at least 2 days ago they did, thats where I get MOST of my games....

I live kinda close to them... :) So to you WKoT if you think I steal someone elses work and post it as my own....think again!

I have no time for ubsurd crap like that....

There is NO fun in Releasing someone elses stuff....especially IF its on my website and I gotta pay for it....LOL, I would ONLY Relase my own stuff....

I own 19 systems and plan to get more, and of all my systems, I purchased 95% of the games for them and made 1:1 copies. RARELY ever do I Download someone eles releases....I dont trust Others releases, Unless its Kalistos, Echelon, Lightforce, or DoD. I dont even know of RIGG before today..So BLA BLA BLA to you.... :p Gimmie a break.....

and about the tenchi thing, LOL, Ive had that username since 1997, so that isnt my fault I liked the Movie Tenchi Muyo 1 and 2 and your main guy calls himself tenchi-no-ryu.....thats just plain stupid to even try to say Im using his name for any reason..... :p I go as FAKK2 and only FAKK2, do NOT get that confused with anyone else.....There is no other FAKK2 releasing games out there......I was the FIRST to Release DraculaX in Bin/Cue format back when Harry Tuttle at "THE DUMP" couldnt figure out how to do the ISO/MP3 properly....back in 1999! :p

So I hope this clears up some confusion....My Releases are mine (ONLY) and no-one elses...

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Ok, Cool, at least I have some people in here that appreciate what Im trying to do here....hmmm.....I went to the RIGG messageboard and didnt see any lists or .nfo files or anything.....Can someone please let me know what games (CD's not roms) are out there for the Turbo Duo or PC Engine that have not been released Bin/Cue, and if I have it Ill put it up for you.... :)

PS. and I know this is off topic but I cant wait to see Resident Evil the movie....were getting closer and closer to having a Silent Hill the movie...*Drooollllll* :p
Cool, now that I have a list of stuff to watch out for I can continue with my releases.....Duo Relases anyways... and if I get Snatcher on PCE SCD Ill let ya know ;) I never bought it yet because we....I have the Sega CD version and why should I try to translate the Turbo version if I dont need to.... :p But I will keep an eye out for it.... :) Thanks alot for the complete list.....this is going to be ALOT more fun now....... :)

Let me look the list over fully and Ill be back soon with a new bin/cue game.... ;)

EDIT: Wow now I see why they think I took thier stuff......They have quite a nice collection....ALOT I was going to release is allready on thier list but I need to really fix thier list up USA games in alphebetical order, and same with Japan games might take a little while to situate this crazy list... :p

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All I ever hear from this RIGG group is bitching, personally I don't give a shit about rigg. I suggest their group shut up and stop bitching on our messageboards, if you have a complaint, take it to e-mail.
EDIT: Ahh who knows whats going to happen here I talked to the guy at RIGG and everthings cool....Im just going about this the wrong way......I just need to sit back, and enjoy today for what it is.....Maby Tommorow will come and be a new day.....and a new release...who knows....I still want to finish what I started and that's "getting the games to the people.....who can't afford it or can't get it (the games, people...keep your mind outta the gutter) any other way...."

Yes...Im going to still do some nice releases....and if RIGG would like to save some $$ and download mine, that would be good for them, because I dont release something thats not Perfect....and that what they want PERFECTION just like I do....So once they see how my games are released maby theyll relalize theyre not the only Perfectionists out there for the T-Duo system. And maby hopefully in the end we can all just get along.....LOL Sh!t Ive been dying to say that all day.....hahahaha. Sorry just a bit of humor involved here....Truthfully I want to forget this thread ever happened and keep up my games releases, It seems you guys here at SegaXtreme know me quite well by now, and are confident in my games not crapping out, or being from an MP3....I will stay here with you guys at SegaXtreme, to give ya the best of what I got....and honestly If someone else releases it also, wtf take your pick, the way RIGG and I release outr games theyre most likely turn out the same anyways....and #### if one of ours is better tell us and maby we can figure out where our release went wrong. :) #### if we cant work together on this why even have a messageboard up for it. :) So that is all people....Im not going to bitch anymore.....this topic is over.....its ended.....its history! ;)

"You CAN'T beat the Dredge! Theyre PURE energy!!" - Korso Titan A.E.

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