Another New Section!?


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Yep, thats right. Two new sections in one day on SegaXtreme!

I have added a Sega Remix section in the Sega Soundtracks section. This will be where you the music artist makes remixes of your favorite Sega tunes. We have a ton of samples to make remixes off of so make em and send em to me! Or if you already have made one email me.

We have 5 Sega remixes to start off with from the following games:


Ecco the Dolphin


Sonic the Hedgehog


Have at it all you Sega freaks! :cheers
I love remixes of popular games music.

Ice, you're so kind... setting up these new music sections. First the Dreamcast soundtracks section, now, a Remix section.. You're really spoiling us. :yum

;) ;)

:cheers :banana