Another World 2

I foundout the other day that alot of people are still under the impression that flashback is technically the sequel to another world or some shit.

If you actually played both games (finished them several times myself on the good old Amiga) you would realise that these games have absololutely NOTHING to do with each other.

Anyway about Another World 2 i remember a friend showing me early beta shots of the true AW2 in a magazine (yes i'm trying to get hold of him it was years ago though). Does anyone know much about this? are there any shots on the net or a beta version (hoping i wont get in trouble but i didnt say the three letter word
its not a beta its a mega cd game called heart of the alien which is the sequel to another world, the disc also contains another world on it to.
no it runs fine, i dont think HOTA is available on the pc there is nothing on delphines site about it, it was a sega cd exclusive and no european release either which pretty much blows
As far as Flashback being the sequel it is considered the spiritual sucessor to Another World because the play mechanics and the developer are the same. It is not uncommon for follow up games to be considered "sequels" when in fact they have nothing in common.

Galaxy Fight->Waku Waku 7->Asta SuperStars springs to mind.

They have nothing in common other than being developed by Sunsoft...yet they are considered sequels to one another.