Any developers working on a fighting game project?


I am curious to discover if any developers are currently working on a fighting game project for the Saturn.

I heard that someone was, some time ago - but I never could get that particular individual's e-mail address to register ... I ended up tracking them through three email addresses that were all dead. *sigh*

If anyone is working on a fighting game project for the Saturn, please allow me to offer my services to aid you in the process. Drop me a line and we'll talk, eh?

Thanks for reading.

- Death Adder [ ] -
Why don't you work trying to port one fighting game to the saturn? There are a lot of possible projects.
Well, if you find someone to work with, try to port Guilty Gear to the saturn. I would be glad to help you; but I'm less than a lamer with anything related to programming.

Good luck anyways, and describe well what are you planning to do, so someone can be interested to give you a hand.
Ehmm ... no ... no plans to port either of those two games, actually.

There was someone I was recommended to contact regarding a Saturn fighting game project, who I am hoping will see this message - since three of their e-mail addresses came back as dead (which doesn't help me much at all).

Otherwise, I don't go into much detail.
Well, Although I AM a total begginer at this, I would love to help, just email me what you want me to do and i'll try to attempt it at my best?

Anyone who is willing to do something like this, I will help if I can (I have programming tools and such)