Any games like Grand Theft Auto 3?

Well the obvious answer is GTA3 IS for the PS2, and GTA - Miami will be out on it soon.

There are more GTA3 clones coming out too: the Getaway and True Crime.
Originally posted by Subura@July 14 2002,22:21

Driver is a little like it, cept its all in the car

And it's really crappy.

Driver 2 attempted to take the game to a new level by being able to walk around outside, and it took a crappy game and made it even crappier... yes, it's possible...

Happened to Interstate '76. Excellent game, but no one will (fondly) remember it's (awful) sequel. '76 is one hell of a good game though (for the PC, will run on a 486).
Rockstar games also came out with State Of Emergency, which has basicly the exact feel of using weapons in GTA3 but there aren't any cars in the game, I got bored with it after about 20min. of playing...
They should remake interstate 76 for the next gen consoles, it would be nice to see all that funky ass shit again. the afro guy and the old guy and the chick
SoE is a niche game. There are people (like myself) who get into GTA1 or 2 (3 not so much, you can look at my other post regarding this game on why) and just cause mass chaos.

For hours on end.

It might be a cartharsis, I might be sick in the head, but the point is SoE definetly does not appeal to the masses. Rockstar has made a couple games like that, actually - either you love 'em or you hate 'em.