Any Gungriffon websites?

Before I go to bed <_< (9:25am) I was just wondering if anybody knew of any Gungriffon sites? Perhaps with translations of the Gungriffon 2 instruction manual? The manual seems to have a lot of info and backstory in it about the world at the time that I'm interested in reading. I've tried searching but all I get is thousands of reviews and previews. And also, this has probably been asked a millions times a million years ago but, isn't Gungriffon's intro FRICKIN' AWESOME!!! :devil I mean I've had the game for 6 1/2 years and I still love to watch it!

EvilKAPOO out!
Ahhhhh! Very nice!
Cool videos too! The player seems to fair a lot better at combat than I do with my stragedies. Hmmm... much to learn I do!