Anybody from the l.a. region?

Hello, guys.

A friend of mine is going to E3 and the spare time between the fair and his coming back to Brazil he hopes to buy used & new VG stuff in L.A..

Does anybody knows where he can find a good videogame shop that deals with both used and new games in L.A., specially in the nearby of E3?

Does anybody knows if there is any shops that opens at sundays there?

tks for the attention!
E3 is such a big deal that every computer/videogame store anywhere near it will be open. They were last year. There are tons of directories and advertisement for local bussinesses all around. All we did last year was pop open a yellow pages and ask a few people at E3 where to go. It's a great experience. Just tell him to leave room in his luggage for all the free giveaways.