Anyone else stuck in this snow storm?


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Here near Philadelphia we are expected to get around 30 inches!

I'm stuck for the next couple days.

Anybody else on the east coast getting a ton of snow?

LoL, now thats a burn...sorry to hear that.

I'm up in Canada and it ain't snowing here, just in the rockies a couple of hours away so I can go skiing anytime in perfect conditions but don't have to deal with the pains of major snowfalls.

Enjoy the snow

Check the news channel...the cold front is probablycoming from....Canada

snow is good, but not when there is this much.... Snow plows refilling the end of my driveway doesn't help the matter either, anyone have a spare bazooka i could borrow to blow the damn truck to bits?
the plows bury the cars here if you dont have a driveway

i fuckin hate that!!! - im glad i had a day off today but i wonder what im gonna do tomorow - i doubt my boss is comming in but i dont have that pull
Oh yeah, i'm stuck in it too. Out here in Connecticut it's snowing like crazy. So far it's only a few inches, which is bad enough, but I hear it's not actually supposed to stop until late tomorrow or the next day! Man, that's nuts. You're only a couple hours away iceman, so if you're supposed to get 30 inches, I don't think we'd be too far off from that over here.
we have had 1 snow all summer that has lasted 24hrs....and that's about all it lasted. That was the beginning of the week. The sad part.....I live in Northern Utah...sad huh?
I spent about 2- 3 hours shoveling on Saturday over here in Iowa. That's the one thing I dislike about Iowa, is that I have to shovel when it snows a lot. But other than that , I'd take Iowa over anywhere else to live! Cold, snowy winters are part of Iowa, it's part of the experience
We're getting ripped off here in Canada. I live 2 minutes from Toronto and if it does snow up here, its just little miniscule amounts that dont add up and just melt off.
Two feet here by me, Jersey, four foot snow drifts by my car. Two hours to dig it out just to have the plow come by and bury it again.
For those of us stuck in the snow, let's all crash at falstaff's place. I'll teleport you all.

Back to reality, I'm working at home again today. Public transportation that I normally take has been suspended due to ice and snow conditions.
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