anyone have?

Does anyone have the saved game files for Shining force cd with all of the books available(even the museum book) and also the hidden characters in book one and 2? I accidentally deleted all my save files in gens and i don't feel like playing from the start again. So if anyone has them just reply i'll give you my hotmail address and you can send them there.

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I'd start the game's not like SFCD is a terrible game to replay. Most people around here have probably gone through the complete thing dozens of times already. There are enough faqs out there if you want to be really lazy.

i don't have that much time i spent a lot of time getting to where i was in the game befor i deleted the save files when updating gens i didn't get to the 3rd book i was half way done with the second i'm not going to start over again.
I know it seems like a lot of time, but you might have missed some of the secrets to this game. I know that every time I replay it, I find something new. If someone wants to contribute their saved game (I don't know why though), then go ahead and us it, but in my opinion it isn't worth it.