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Ok, I just got a sega CD thru the mail, it gets power, but when I turn it on the ready an access light both turn on for about half a second then turn off and nothing happens. its a model 1. any suggestions?
could still be bad contact. clean the genesis side thoroughly, use a soft eraser and possibly a q-tip with some cleaning alcohol or a little soapy water. blow into the scd connector too to try and get some dust out. also make sure the power supply for it is good.
Jesus Crist soapy Water, just dunk it in a swimming pool. LOL........ONLY use a Soft Pink Eraser on the contacts, and then go over it with 99 percent rubbing alcohol on the end of a cuetip....Maby even buy some electronics cleaning spray......But I would NEVER use ANY kind of Water on Electronics not to mention SOAPY WATER. hehehehe this is the funniest post Ive seen in awhile. :p Not to piss anyone off. hehehe
are you stupid or what?

I did not tell him to throw it into water, I told him to use a moist q-tip. an eraser alone WILL leave eraser remains on the contacts.

it's perfectly safe, given you don't drown the #### thing in water, and wait till it dried or dried off the contacts with a dry q-tip afterwards. I've cleaned tons of contacts that way, no problems ever.

mind you, your contact sprays as well as your 99% rubbing alcohol all still contain water, and in fact are just as conductive as water. water only harms electronics while they are powered, if you dry them properly, there's no risk involved.


a pretty common way to clean filthy arcade pcbs is to throw them in the dishwasher. let them dry, and they work perfectly.
Ok, I've cleaned the contacts, its the first thing i did actually, and I still get the same "error" could it possible be a problem with the variable resistor packs? maybe one is misaligned?
maybe a blown fuse, although it shouldn't do anything at all in that case.. check for a greenish fuse near the power connector, looks like an oversized resistor.

also, re-plug all ribbon cables while you got it open.
I was thinking it may the a fuse, the system doesnt power up, the geensis does obviously, but no loading screen or nothing, it stays black when i power on both units. I've disconnected all ribbon cables and cleaned them with rubbing alcohol, and taken off the connector plate and cleaned where the mainboard goes and where rthe genesis plugs into. There are 4 variable resistors under the laser housing, and i was just wondering where those resistors should be (ie: where the square edge must be pointing as they only have a 180 degree turning radius) The fuse, i'll need to know its specs if i am to replace it. I'm also going to check for a bad capacitor, they tend to cause problems if one is bad. I remember there was a page posted which showed what fuse to use and installation instructions, I was wondering if you have that page handy as well. and so far, thanks for the help Arakon.