Atlantis, pouvez-vous m'aider ?

Hi folks,

There's little chance someone here can help me, since I think that Atlantis for Saturn exists only in French !

Well, here's my question :

Juste après avoir espionné Créon, je retourne dans la salle au Lion pour emprunter le passage secret pour la seconde fois, j'aligne la lune, la terre et le soleil, ça clignote, ça charge, mais la gueule du Lion ne s'ouvre pas ! Du coup je peux pas mettre le mouton dans sa bouche pour ouvrir le passage ! Et il n'y a pas de message comme quoi je m'étonne que cela ne marche plus ou qqchose comme ça, donc c'est peut-être un bug !

Translation : (who knows, maybe it exists in English) Just after spying at Creon, I'm back in the Lion's room to use the secret door for the second time to go back to the village. I put the sun, earth and moon in a line, it blinks as usual, but it doesn't open the Lion's mouth (as it did the first time). So I can't put the sheep in its mouth to open the secret door. (Gee, this must sound weird for someon who never played the game :) ) And since the hero doesn't say anything like "why doesn't it work anymore ?", I think it might be a bug ! I Hope not !

(I already had bugs in Shinobi and Skeleton Warriors on my Saturn, though they worked fine on my brother's console).

Thanks for any help,

Merci d'avance pour votre aide !