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Originally posted by "Test Drive® Le Mans®"+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE("Test Drive® Le Mans®")</div><div class='quotemain'>24 Hrs at 200 Mph

Zero Margin For Error.
  • The officially licensed game of the 24 Heures du Mans®

    with the world-famous Le Mans® circuit & 5 other ACO approved tracks
  • Over 25 incredibly detailed cars; up to 12 cars on the track per race
  • Compressed time option simulates 24 hrs Day-to-Night-to-Day racing
  • 3 distinct competition classes: CT2, GT1 and Prototype classes
  • 3 modes of play: Arcade, Championship, and Le Mans 24 Hours
  • Advanced AI: Drivers race like their real-world counterparts
  • Multiplayer racing action: 2-player split screen

<!--QuoteBegin-"24 HEURES DU MANS"

Vous ētes sur la grille de départ pour la course la plus éprouvante qui soit, tant pour l'homme que pour la voiture. L'adrénaline afflue. La tension est à son maximum. 24 heures à tenir sur un circuit très sélectif de plus de 13 km. Tout ca, c'est ce qui vous attend au Mans... Ēstes-vous prēt à relever le défi?

  • Modes Arcade, Championnat et Le Mans. Courez pendant 24 heures, avec une alternance jour-nuit-jour inédite et des effets de lumière des plus réalistes.
  • Retrouvez l'ambiance mythique des 24 Heures du Mans dans le premier jeu à bénéficier de la Licence officielle de l'A.C.O. organisateur de la course.


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This game rocks! I've played it with a friend, 24 hours in real time. With pitstop and tactical elements, great graphic effects, sounds and driving physics....it's really enjoyable to play it.

Unfortunately the game creates different save games when inserted into japanese DC than in european DC (Test Drive Le Mans instead of Le Mans 24). So these saves are incompatible. A lot of languages are missing in Test Drive Le Mans, too.
I've always wanted to give the 24 hour mode a go.

I might have to track this down and buy a copy. :)
What a great game. :)

Graphically this one is really impressive, though the pop-in on the vehicals can be noticable. Little beats tearing down one of the Le Mans straights at top speed, car bouncing and shaking all over the place, slamming on the brakes at the last instant. My only complaint is the lack of control over AI/car automation. You either have manual everything and really hard AI, or auto everything (braking, gears, traction, spin) and really dumb AI. The in-between setting isn't the right balance either.