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I've compiled a list of the most popular/best games for each of the Sega consoles

I've done this for two purposes:

1) As a checklist for the Gameplay Video Archive

2) to have a tidy list of the best games to check out for Sega newbies

I need everyone's help to look over the list to make sure I'm not missing some good games.

I realize there are many games on the lists that are not qualified as the "best games" for a given system. If there is one like this on the list, let me know and I'll mark as not to be on the "best list, but only on the "video checklist".

Please post any games that you think should be added or taken off. But keep your suggestions to only a few titles.

18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker (video only)


Bomberman Online

Bust-A-Move 4 (video only)

Cannon Spike (video only)

Capcom vs. SNK

Capcom vs. SNK 2

ChuChu Rocket

Confidential Mission (video only)

Crazy Taxi

Crazy Taxi 2 (video only)

Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix

Daytona USA

Dead or Alive 2 (video only)

Fatal Fury Mark of the Wolves

Grandia II

Gunbird 2

Gundam Side Story: 0079 (video only)


Heavy Metal Geomatrix (video only)

House of the Dead 2


Jet Grind Radio

King of Fighters 2002

King of Fighters Dream Match 99

Last Blade 2, The: Heart of the Samurai

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

Mars Matrix

Marvel vs. Capcom

Marvel vs. Capcom 2


Metropolis Street Racer




Phantasy Star Online

Power Stone

Power Stone 2 (video only)

Puyo Puyo 4

Quake III: Arena

Ready to Rumble Boxing Round 2 (video only)

Record of Lodoss War (video only)

Resident Evil Code: Veronica


Samba de Amigo

Sega GT

Sega Rally 2


Shenmue II

Skies of Arcadia

Sonic Adventure

Sonic Adventure 2

Soul Calibur

Space Channel 5

Street Fighter Alpha 3

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

Super Puzzle Fighter 2X

Super Street Fighter 2X

Tokyo Extreme Racer 2

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

Unreal Tournament

Vampire Chronicles

Virtua Fighter 3tb

Virtua Tennis

Virtual-On: Oratorio Tangram

World Series Baseball 2K2

3D Baseball (video only)

Albert Odyssey

Astra Super Stars (video only)


Burning Rangers

Christmas NiGHTS: into Dreams

Daytona USA

Dead or Alive

Deep Fear

Die Hard Arcade

Dracula X

Dragon Force

Fighters Megamix

Fighting Vipers


Guardian Heroes


House of The Dead

Lunar 2: Eternal Blue

Manx TT Super Bike

Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter

Mega Man X4

NiGHTS: into Dreams

Panzer Dragoon

Panzer Dragoon II Zwei

Panzer Dragoon Saga

Pocket Fighter

Radiant Silvergun

Resident Evil

Sakura Taisen

Saturn Bomberman

Sega Rally Championship

Sega Touring Car

Sexy Parodius

Shining Force III

Shining the Holy Ark

Shining Wisdom

Shinobi X


Steep Slope Sliders

Street Fighter Alpha 2

Street Fighter Collection

Street Fighter Zero 3

Super Puzzle Fighter

Thunder Force V

Virtua Cop

Virtua Cop 2

Virtua Fighter (video only)

Virtua Fighter 2

Virtua Fighter Kids

Virtua Fighter Remix (video only)

Virtual On: Cyber Troopers

World Series Baseball 98

X-Men vs. Street Fighter

After Burner


Cosmic Carnage (video only)

Knuckles' Chaotix


Metal Head

Mortal Kombat II

Night Trap

Shadow Squadron

Space Harrier

Spiderman: Web of Fire

Star Wars Arcade


Virtua Fighter

Virtua Racing Deluxe

World Series Baseball Starring Deion Sanders (video only)

Zaxxon's Motherbase 2000

Sega CD:

Batman Returns

Earthworm Jim SE

Ecco The Dolphin

Final Fight CD


Jurassic Park

Lunar: Eternal Blue

Lunar: The Silver Star

Mickey Mania

Night Trap

Popful Mail

Rise of the Dragon

Shining Force CD



Sonic CD

The Terminator



Alien Soldier

Alisia Dragoon

Altered Beast

Atomic Runner


Cannon Fodder

Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

Castlevania: Bloodlines

Columns III: Revenge of Columns

Comix Zone


Disney's Aladdin

Disney's The Lion King

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine

Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun

Earthworm Jim

Ecco the Dolphin

Eternal Champions


General Chaos

Ghouls and Ghosts

Golden Axe

Golden Axe II

Golden Axe III

Gunstar Heroes

Herzog Zwei

John Madden Football 93

Kid Chameleon


Light Crusader

Maximum Carnage

Mega Bomberman


Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

Micro Machines

Mutant League Hockey


NHL 94

Phantasy Star II

Phantasy Star III

Phantasy Star IV

Ranger X

Revenge of Shinobi


Road Rash

Shining Force

Shining Force II

Shining in the Darkness

Shinobi III

Soldiers of Fortune

Sonic & Knuckles

Sonic 3D Blast

Sonic Spinball

Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Sonic The Hedgehog 3

Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition

Streets of Rage

Streets of Rage 2

Streets of Rage 3


Super Thunder Blade

Toe Jam & Earl

Toe Jam & Earl 2


Virtua fighter 2

Virtua Racing

Wonder Boy: Dragon's Lair


UPDATE: SMS and GG games are listed on page 3 of the thread
I think You should add these 2 titles. Record of Lodus War (spelling?) and Toejam and earl For Genesis.
boy, I'm missing some good ones.

I even missed some good fighters on the DC that I later realized.

What would I do without you guys?
Virtua Fighter Kids, House of The Dead, World Series Baseball, WSB II and the Sakura Taisen games for Saturn.

NFL 2K - 2K2, NBA 2K - 2K2, Street Fighter 3: Double Impact, Dead or Alive 2: Limited Edition, NBA Showtime, NBA Hoopz, Ready to Rumble Boxing (Original and Round 2), Tennis 2K2, World Series Baseball 2K2, NCAA College Football 2K2, Tokyo Extreme Racer 1 & 2, Unreal Tournament, Quake III: Arena, Gundam Side Story: 0079, Soldier of Fortune, Samba de Amigo, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 & 2, all for DC. I could list many more, but these are the ones I remember off the top of my head.

Golden Axe I - III, Ys III, Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, Kid Chameleon, Revenge of Shinobi, Shadow Dancer, Shinobi III (IV), NHL 94, John Madden Football (up until the 93 edition, that was the last good one), Gaiares, Soldiers of Fortune, Sonic Spinball, Virtua fighter 2, Super Thunder Blade, Maximum Carnage, Power Rangers, Power Rangers The Movie (snicker all you want, but they're good games! I LOVE the Movie game!), Battletech, Aladdin, Toejam & Earl 2, MK - Ultimate MK3, and Lakers vs Celtics, for MD/Genny. that's all I can think of for now.

Final Fight CD, Eternal Champions Challenge From the Darkside, The Terminator, and Ecco The Dolphin for Sega/Mega CD.

Edit: Added the other two World Series Baseball games for Saturn.
I'm gonna do the ones that need to go...for now I'll look at the DC....and Genny since thats what I know best...

Cannon Spike (what are you thinking...smashTV wannabe...)

Confidential Mission


Gunbird 2

Iron Aces (ack, this was horrible)

Too many KOF...just pick the best one and stick it on there....

Record of the Lodoss War

Sega Smash Pack....(its just some old games)

Puzzle Fighters....

Vampire Chronicles


Chakan (overhyped, crap/ cool gfx)

Combat Cars

Monopoly (I hardly think a board game can be considered the best on any system

I'll add to my list of "no-no's" later....
And why would you want to remove Record of the Lodoss War! That is a pretty good Diablo style game. I And How could you want to remove Puzzle fighter! Gotta keep those 2.
Okay...well Lodoss War, I dunno, not a game that immediately springs to mind when you think DC...its a clone of a game better suited for PC, I don't think it belongs on the list.

Puzzle'on, on DC? I thught the game mechanics were cool too, but not on sega's 128 bit uberconsole.

I see we are in agreement for al the rest...then lemme continue my bitch session. (I've had a rough week)

Sega CD

Out of this World (I think that if the games on a PC, unless the conversion is spectacular, there is no reason it should be on the list.

Amazing Spiderman vs. The Kingpin

Flashback: The Quest for Identity (High profile, low quality IMHO)

Sega Classics Arcade Collection (4-in-1) (Like honestly, I think if we're sega fanatics, theres better places to get these games)

Silpheed (Am I the only one that thinks this sucks?)

I wanna add Tomcat Alley to the list ust because I love Top Gun and Mansion of Hidden' was allright for its time.

To the Genny section, I wanna add all the Disney games including Aladdin (which is already there) the Jungle Book, and the best one The Lion King...I think they were all quality platform games. Revenge of Shinobi, Ghouls and Ghosts, Herzog Zwei, Strider....

What about adding Winter Heat and/or Steep Slope Sliders to the Saturn section? Forgot ahout Dragon Force have we? One of the greatest strat/rpg games ever....
If the Bust-a-Move 4 on DC is as shit as the one on psx then for god sakes take it off.

If you don't know what the psx one is like, then to be brief, it has this combo thing - you shoot one bubble, knock away the bubbles it hits and then like a chain reaction, other bubbles that should have remained start popping - and don't you dare say this is better than the original <_<

You may also add Wonder Boy in Monster World and Wonder Boy: Dragon's Lair for MD/ GEN
What is 18 Wheeler doing there? It's a cop out game with no replayablity, and minimal initial challenge...
18 Wheeler should be on the video capture list maybe but probably not the "top" list

I'll put Puzzle Fighter on the Saturn list -- especially since the original copy of the DC version is hard to come by.

Silpheed is one of my favorite SCD games and a lot of other people like it.

I'll wait a little longer and then update the lists again
Sega Master system games added under the Genesis list

Thanks to whitesnake for the list.

Check it out.

I'm not a SMS expert by any means, so I need everyone's help
Originally posted by CrazyGoon@Jun 20, 2003 @ 08:36 AM

If the Bust-a-Move 4 on DC is as shit as the one on psx then for god sakes take it off.

If you don't know what the psx one is like, then to be brief, it has this combo thing - you shoot one bubble, knock away the bubbles it hits and then like a chain reaction, other bubbles that should have remained start popping - and don't you dare say this is better than the original <_<

You may also add Wonder Boy in Monster World and Wonder Boy: Dragon's Lair for MD/ GEN

Bust a move 4 is cool -- I'm not much for the combo thing, but it's still one of the best Puzzle games for the system

Just remembered Puyo Puyo 4 though