Audio files

Hello, i've been trying to change the music on several Saturn games, but i've found these *.ADP files that won't open with anything, not even Cinepack.

If someone please give me some info about this files i will appreciate it. OH! The game is Xmen vs StreetFighter.

Music can be stored as cd audio tracks, or in this ADP format, which contains midi-like sequences and instruments definitions.

As you can guess, adp files can not be changed as easily as cd audio tracks because of the format itselfs (non-standard , dedicaded to the saturn hardware) and because you can't be sure about the way the structure is handled in the program loading the structure (esp. expected array sizes).

But it is certainly possible. Tools exist for this purpose (mac only). Checking the "new game" thread in dev central will provide you some links. You should read the "sound tutorial" in the "sgl tutorial" too which you can find in antime's page

Hope this will help
I tried a WAV2ADP and changed the files succesfully, but i get static.. ~_~

What is this ADP format on SS?? It's tricky..
Hmm, if the ADP format supports 16-bit audio - that is, 2 bytes for each sample on each channel - the byte order might be the opposite of what it is under Windows. Little-endian vs. big-endian format.

Just a thought...
That files are ADPCM streams. I don't know if anyone made a program to read WAV data out of them ... Maybe you want to get a CPS2 emulator and dump the sound output as WAV.

The music on the ADPCM files are just digitized audio from a real CPS2 board.
If a CPS2 emulator can render game sounds to WAV files, then maybe that emulator's programmer can help you with converting the ADP files directly...
It's been so long, and yet no results. I'll try to convert the audio files i want to ADCPM and add them to the iso. Let's see if this works..

Anyone care to help me with this? I can upload a file for you to check what kind of file is it. Since it's something i'm not really keen on deciphering. ~_~

Thanks to all.