backing up saturn games with nero 5.5


Ban Hammered
ok, how do u make backups of isos using nero 5.5?

do u burn backups of isos the same way u burn emulators to use on ur dreamcast?(nester,dreamsnes,etc.)
Burning DC emulators is completely different from burning a saturn iso (if you are trying to make a booting DC disc). To burn a Saturn iso, depending on the format, is fairly simple. If its in .nrg or .cdi , you would use the respective programs (Nero and DiscJuggler, or Alcohol 120% could be used for .cdi's), just do this by going to file/burn image. If its a bin/cue image you are trying to burn in Nero, do the same thing file/burn image and load the .cue file. If you just have a .iso file, you would do the same thing file/burn image, load the iso. Hope this helps, anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong about anything.
When there is an iso+mp3 you just make a cuesheet with sega cue maker(if there isn´t any),and load it the same way in nero under recorder --> burn image.Use dao96 and there you are,the burning speed is best at low rates :)