Bad Boys 2


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This is THE best movie of the summer so far. TONS of action and some of the best car chase scenes I have seen in a long time. I highly recomend you guys see this movie.

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I wanna see Bad Boys II. I highly enjoyed the first one. I doubt it can be as good as Terminator 3 can it? ;)

About T3... I was disapointed by it. T2 had much more plot, and T3 was more about action than plot. I am a VERY HARDCORE Terminator fanatic (some call me a Nerdinator, as a reference to Star wars nerds, only in my case it's Terminator). I just watched T2 for the millionth time just the other night (watched it just about everyday three summers ago :D ). Ask me just about anything about T2 and I can answer it. I'm talking the movie itself, not like who did the lighting or something. I got the whole script memorized. I could most likely play the WHOLE movie in my head in it's entirety, including all the deleted scenes. But, why would I just wanna sit in a chair for 2 hours and 40 minutes reciting the movie? Hm.. Perhaps I should do that sometime just for fun. The problem is though.. as hardcore of Terminator guy I am, I STILL do not own the DVD for the original that has all the goodies on it, that came out a couple years ago. ARGH! I'll get it eventually, that and the new Extreme DVD of T2 (already got the Ultimate Edition, but I'm a sucker for anything Terminator). Hm...
Damnit, I really wanted Bad Boys 2 to fail. Over advertised and seemed to be forced on everyone more that Matrix Reloaded was.
I hella wanna go see bad boys 2. Will smith and martin lawrence kick ass lol. matrix 2 was balls though. I'm not even going to see the third movie now.
It was funny and had tons of action, but i was ready to leave before the movie was over....not because it was bad, but my neck started to hurt and it seemed to be a very long movie.
This movie is sooooo awesome, I was surprised it eclipsed the first one.. It was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the first one, and I haven't seen t3 so I can't comment on that, but I can say its a must see.
wow, I have no faith in anyone now... Bad Boys 2 <_<

Isn't anyone tird of this rap, girls, cars scene?

I know I for one am... "Shake ya tailfeather" :flamethrower: x10 :puke:
truth be told I'm generally tired of all american movies... but martin lawrence and will smith... I dunno... there's just something about those 2 lol.
maybe it's because they are so funny? only thing that bugged me about this movie was that martin whinned too much, and a lot of it wasn't funny
You guys have baaaad taste if you like this kind of crap movies c´mon Will Smith :flamethrower: ?? Please.... :damn: And I like B-movies!
Originally posted by Zheræ@Jul 30, 2003 @ 12:07 AM

You guys have baaaad taste if you like this kind of crap movies c´mon Will Smith :flamethrower: ?? Please.... :damn: And I like B-movies!

Thank YOU JESUS! :lol: