Best genny emu for DC......

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I am looking for a good emu for DC, a genesis one. I mainly want on that will run decently fast, supports sram saves, DONT need save states but that's always a bonus. Also need sum sound that's decent and one that runs the good games atleast (PS, Shining games, Sonics, etc.) Anyone know of any that I could try out?
IIRC, the best emu for the genesis is DCGEN, which was the emulator developed by Sega, taken from the smash pack. HOwever, you'd be hard pressed to find that one since it's not homebrew and thus illegal. As far as legal emulation goes, Ngenesis is the way to go.

Certain collections were released in .cdi format with something like 500 genesis games to burn. Same for snes.

As far as SNES emus go, DreamSNES is the way to go.

I trust you took a look at
Yeah I have. I just wanted to know which ones would run the best. Do both those emus have sound? which one has better?
DCGEN was actually the homebrew effort for a DC Genesis emu. It runs crap. The Smash Pack emu is commonly referred to as "SegaGen" and runs good-ish with poor-ish sound. DreamSNES is the only decent SNES emu and it's not wonderful.

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Hmmmm, so is it even worth getting? I am thinkin the genny one might be but I dunno about the SNES one. Does it have good sound and runs fast? Also, does SegaGen and DreamSNES support sram saves or save states?
I got a hold of dreamon. The emulator is pretty good. Sound effects are dead on but the music tends to lag. The navigation menus have form but horrible function. It takes a while to get where you want.
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if you're going to be hunting for an emu named "segagen", then you may want to learn these two words:

lemac and obsidian.

"segagen" is not the name of the emulator. actually i don't think it has an official name.