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Since I have pretty much all the multitap games for the saturn I've decided to release my official rankings for best multitap games, see if you guys agree:

3 Players


Three Dirty Dwarves - by far the best, old school side-scroller\platformer.

Capcom Generations 4 (one game uses the multitap, sucks though)

4 Players


Noon - very addictive once you figure out how to play.

Winter Heat - can't believe I forgot about this, suprisingly polished for a Sega Arcade game. And beautiful graphics. Get this game.

Sega Ages: Rouka Ni Itidantoa-Ru - two game disk, 2nd game has a bunch of fun minigames.

Slam-n-Jam 96 - Best basketball game for Saturn.

NBA Jam T.E. - Pretty good.

Bomberman Fight! - 3d bomberman action. Similar to the N64 one.

College Slam - not too bad, highly playable

Break Point Tennis - sucks

Hansha De Spark - sucks, no clue how to play properly

Nba Jam Extreme - sucks

Keriotosse - sucks, extremely repetitive

WWF In Your House - sucks

Blast Chamber - sucks

Trash It - 1 player mode is actually kinda interesting. Haven't played multiplayer though.

6 Players


Fire Pro Wrestling: 6MS - simply amazing. Only problem is finding people who can play this game. Pretty big learning curve.

Death Tank One - I don't need to elaborate ;)

Guardian Heroes - Would be ranked higher, but unbalanced multiplayer mode. Despite that, excellent multitap game.

Vatlva - Fun one player-two player, not that good multiplayer.

Space Jam - sucks royally, how do you screw up NBA Jam?

7 Players


Death Tank Zwei - kickass game, but you guys all knew that.

8 Players


Street Racer - Not bad, a little shallow, but graphics get ugly in split screen modes.

10 Players


Saturn Bomberman - probably the most intense of all the games listed, especially with outside interference\beyond the grave bombing on.

Homebrew Games (Sega Saturn Multiplayer Task Force)


Floupix Ping Pong - 12 player slime volleyball clone. Best and most polished home game by far.

Le Pin - 7 (?) player original game.

Le sPin - 7 (?) player original game.

Twelve Snakes - 12 player snake clone.

And the multitap game according to Slinga is...*drumroll*....Fire Pro Wrestling (if you can find people who know how to play that is). In close second is Saturn Bomberman, and Death Tank Zwei.

You guys are probably shocked to see me rank Death Tank so low, it's because I think the game can be very unbalanced, especially if you go a few rounds without scoring. It's still a great game though.

Edit: I've left a lot of sports games of the list because I'm too lazy to play them.

Edit: Forgot about winter heat and bomberman fight.
SeGaFrEaK_NL: Street Racer is 8 players, but not in racing mode though right? It's only 8 players in that craptastic battle mode IIRC. That's why I counted it as 6 players.

Hiroshirou: bomberman is 10 players in wide screen mode, which sucks because you can only play on one map. It's better to play 8 players with the regular smaller maps. It's one of the very few games that support 2 multitaps, so 12 players is the max any game can support. (I wrote a program that supports 30 players, and I tried daisy chaining multitaps together, but it didn't work.)

CrazyGoon: Never heard of that game. I can try looking for it for you. I mean if it's multitap compatible it has to be in my collection!

Edit: lists Tenchi wo Kurau II as two players...
Originally posted by slinga@Feb 13, 2004 @ 10:38 AM

CrazyGoon: Never heard of that game. I can try looking for it for you. I mean if it's multitap compatible it has to be in my collection!

Edit: lists Tenchi wo Kurau II as two players...

Not sure about the Saturn version, but the arcade version allows 4 players simultaneously. I posted some pics here.
Thailees: nope, guardian heroes is 2 player in story mode, 6 players in versus. Versus is really cool (but unbalanced), you get to play as all of the characters you encountered in story mode, including the bosses.
- Tenchi wo Kurau II is unfortunately not multitap compatible :( (though Arcade version is 3 player)

- D&D Tower of Doom and Shadow over Mystara should REALLY have been multitap compatible ! :rant (Arcade version was 4 player !)
I'm still trying to find a cheap multitap.... saturn bomberman and death tank are amazing and will only get better with more players.

Thanks Rack, sorry for not responding earlier, I didn't see this thread. I started working on a new list of multiplayer games based on this giant gamefaqs listing of all the saturn games, and which peripheral it supported. I gotta finish it up sometime.

SegaFreak: Thanks, I updated the post.
Originally posted by Djidjo@Oct 11, 2004 @ 10:10 AM

Hey Slinga, what about "Groove On Fight" ? multiplayer list says it's 4 player. Tried it ?

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I heard of it, it needs the ram cart though. I don't have working ram cart though.

Edit: And it's more of a 2 vs 2 fighting game then a beat-em-up.
Bump for a great thead!

Anybody planning a New Year's Eve party? What better way to expose your friends to a little-known console, but a 10-player Bomberman mega-match!
Hey slinga,

How come Floupix Ping Pong and your 12-player snake are not in the list ???

Come on, put'em in !

And let's play party games ! :party

just wondering, if anyone knows if Madden 97 is really a 16 player game, like it´s stated on the back of the european cover (dont´know what the US version says) and if it´s a 16 player game how this can be possible...

Because if you connect two multitaps you can theoretically play with 12 players max...