Best place to get a mod-chip

I've seen lots of people here mention Lik-Sang and Gamegizmo for purchasing mods. I stumbled upon a site that I got my chip from last week. The first thing I noticed, is that their chips are way cheaper than anyone else I'd seen. wants around $25 for a Saturn chip. Lik'Sang is close to that, plus you have that ridiculous shipping cost from Hong-Kong.

I ordered a chip from, and it cost me $16 US, and I could choose from various shipping methods. Another plus is they accept Paypal, and I had my chip in 4 days for $23 total.

Took me 5 minutes to install, and it works great.

Just thought I'd pass this info along. Heres a link if anyones interested:
Which model of 21 pin Saturn did you install it in?

Was it the 32 pin, 64 pin or 'PC trap' model?
Its a model 2 with the JVC drive. Actually Mal, it was your posts on installing the chips that was the most help, so thanks for that.

No pc trap on mine.
Yes, but was it a 64 pin or a 32 pin Saturn?

It is kind of important.

If it was a 32 pin, then this is nothing really new.

If it was a 64 pin, then this is another source of 64 pin compatable mods.
How do I tell the difference? I never claimed to be announcing anything "NEW" necessarily, just thought they were cheaper than any I'd seen.
Does the CD board have a rectangular 32 pin IC on it or a square 64 pin IC? That will tell you which type you have.

All I meant was that people have mentioned as being cheap on these forums before. ???
There's no way of telling just by looking at it.

I still don't know what makes Gamegizmo mods different. They look just the same as well...
Well, I'm in the US and I had no custom problem. Mine is the 32 pin model by the way. I installed my mod just as mal suggested.
Originally posted by NFERNO@Sep. 17 2002, 2:18 pm

Mine is the 32 pin model by the way. I installed my mod just as mal suggested.

Thanks for letting me know.
I agree with mal, if I ever order another Chip (which i WILL) ill get it from

They were easy to deal with, and 2 day shipping was only like 7 bucks. My saturn is the Model 2 (round button) 64 Pin Non"PC-TRAP" model.

It took me 2 minutes to solder, all because of mal's instructions!

You tha man mal!
Yeah, but Lan-Kwei's mods don't appear to work with Saturns with either 64 pin ICs or PC Traps.

Besides, customs seems to be an issue with importing mods these days...