Best VCD Player?

Okay... looking for (in ur opinion) the best quality method to play VCDs thru a console

i was spying on this but i think this is the one ppl say is poor quality/keeps on crashing the DC. Is the PSX any good as a VCD player? coz that would be another option...

counting out the saturn at the moment, i dont like my chances of getting a vcd card anytime soon ;)
the dc player is crappy cause it does everything in software. I dunno about the quality of the psx players, but I recommend looking for a saturn one anyways.. I know their quality is very good.
The PSX movie card is decent. It's my main way of watching VCDs. My PC has TV outs, but it's kinda bad for VCDs because of the stretching [352x240 to a minimum of 640x480]. I've never had any problems with my PSX thing, but it seems to be pretty low quality. I imagine the Saturn player is a touch better if for no another reason than it seems to be of higher quality construction.
Just get a DVD player that can play VCD's. ####, Wal-Mart has a DVD/VCD/MP3/Audio CD player for $88 right now.

Or, if you insist upon watching VCD's on a video game console, get a Phillips CDI system.