Best Video Game EVER

I would have to say:

MGS Integral (The best well rounded game wilth ALL elements, a classic)

FF VII (really impressive on its time, breakthrough)

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (BEST 2dgame ever)

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only 1 pick!!!!! oh the humanity of it all!!! how can i choose just 1 game as my all time favorite!!! it boggles the mind!! THE MIND I TELL YOU!!!

anyways, i'd say my all time favorite was..........Shining Force 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dam that game was good!!!! :)
This is a hard one, but I would have to say my favorite game of all time is......Panzer Dragoon Saga. That game was insanly sweet.
I'd have to agree with Shinshiro, I remember getting Shining Force, and saying, "what the #### is this???" when I saw the battle field.... but I played it, fell in love, I didn't sleep... I had no life for the next week or two... friends would call... i'd be like not today.... actually the same thing happened with Panzer Dragoon Saga... can you believe I found it in downtown LA, for 15 bucks??!, they had Popful Mail, I had bought it, opened it and saw that the disc was broken, so I returned it

Anyhow, IF panzer were a 2nd place pick, Crazy Taxi 2 would have to be third.

And 4th would be Super Metroid.
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I take it that the *twitch* you're referring to is not really a video game, but a real game? ;)

Actually, the twitch was because I couldn't decide what my favorite game was at that moment ;)
argh, SC5, how can you dare to bring this game to my attention again!

Up, down, left, right, chu chu chu... I was going around like that for days, actually, everyone who was at my place and played the game one fateful evening was running around like this for quite a while - this game is addicting in some outright horrible and frightening way. It´s not more than a more sophisticated version of those old Senso units dammit, yet Ulala is soooo coool... like Apollo Smile *g*

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best game "ever" won't be decided until the world ends :p

I beat Shining Force 2 28x, 6x of those in a row after buying it. it is one of my alltime favs. along with streets of rage 2 and PDS.
I'd have to be myself and say VOOT, of course.

My favorite fighting game... Play it daily, of course.

Funny, how I hated it at first. Same with my friends. And then I learned (and showed them) a small amount of skill and knowledge... which was in the form a statement... That statement was:

"Repeated/over-used dash attacking (side, especially) is BAD"

Boy, that changed things.

As for a non-fighting game, it could be anything from PDS to SF3 to Herzog Zwei. I dunno.
The game I've enjoyed and played the most was Metroid for the NES. Nothing else has got me as hooked into its world for so many replays. I wish I still had an NES. :(
Very Very Very hard to say ... lots of games are pretty good.. i woulnt even like to mention any because i love lots of games .. old ones and new ones ..

whacking wayward monkeys with a stun club on the psx is ALMOST as much fun as whacking wayward monkeys with a stun club in real life