Best Video Game EVER

everyone knows that
is the best char of all times ..

on playstation i donno .. final fantasy 7 was the game of my life .. but my lil brother deleted the memory card when i was at the third CD .. i got pissed and broke the CD .. and couldnt find another one in stores .. and the ebay dudes sell it for a big price .. pretty bad ..


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Quote: from Death on 2:12 pm on Oct. 15, 2001

Nice choise of games .. but i think not many people consider these games as the best games ever ? and whatsup with that thing?

What do you mean by what's up with the bungie website?

They are a games developer. Is that hard to comprehend?
Its a fairly simple story: Bungie made a game called Halo, Halo was the best looking game ever for a PC, so MS bought Bungie to get the rights to make the Halo game for XBOX launch, and it pissed everyone off because that was the only reason MS had for buying out that great company. The end.

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Alright man thanx for the info smart ass Greg :biggrin:

By the way .. i donno why but i have a feeling that your Greg the webmaster of that makes these cool comics that I spend hours reading one by one .. i donno maybe from your attitude or something ..

weird feeling , huh ?
I love that site, but I only wish I cold make a comic site THAT good. It gave me some insparation to make a comic site of my own at one point, and I ended up making like fifteen issues for it freehand. I inked them and all that, and it wasn't all that hard eather scence im pretty good at art, but unfortunatly I ended up finding out A bit late that my scanner sucked :(. The pics it scans are always around three gigs a piece, and the quality is something the NES could do without any problems at all. I did however manage to start afterwards making sprite comics for NES and SNES games. I plan on posting them on the post I made here in the general section of the board for game comics, but only if I get some feed back from people on that post.
Hey Greg .. you should read the stuff section .. didnt you see what he said .. he said he makes the comics using illustrator 9 .. he doesnt draw them by hand.. and believe me using illustrator is a lot easier .. maybe you should give it a try if you have illustrator ..
I think mabye I will try it out, might take a while to find but making comics is a lot of fun. Its very time consuming though. By the way, you said you spend hours reading the comics all the time right? So I take it you havn't read them all. Thought I might add in a little tid bit of info, which is that I read the entire comic line up in one sitting :), I think by the end I was nearly brain dead :p