Best way to rip iso's

Pearl Jammzz

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What is the best program to use to rip isos/cue sheets? I really need to know cause I have some games I would like to up o some of these ftps. Thanks in advance.
anyone have the cd key or whatever this thing needs to get it off the 1x speed evaluation crap? Would really help thanks. Also, it rips it to .bin and not .iso. How do I get it to rip into .iso? or does it even matter?
ive usually rip with cdrwin to bin/cue, then use fireburner to rip that bin/cue to iso/wav

you can just compress a bin/cue though, it should be that much bigger
you need to use the cuefile to burn a bin file, otherwise you will lose any cd audio tracks (the toc of the disc wont have anything other than one data track, so the audio is on the disc, but not in a readable form)
That's nice, but what does IsoBuster have to do with ripping or burning ISO's? What it does is it lets you explore a CD's File System while by-passing Windows.
DJ does rule! Nero is awesome as well.

edit - CDRWin is probably the best choice for BIN/CUE stuff. A lot of people like FireBurner, but I prefer CDRWin over it hands down.

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