Big O Rules


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Anybody watched this great series?

I first saw this on the cartoon network then I obtained the real series since CN edits the hell out of all thier anime's. One amazing series. If you have not watched it you better get your ass in gear down to the local anime shop and buy it!

Can't wait for the next installment of it! The series ends at such a cliffhanger!!!! Arggggg!!!



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ooh, you gonna be happy to hear that Big O 2 will be airing soon on Cartoon network. unedited even. it'll be leading off adult swim at 11 pm, starting august 3rd. according to the schedule on Toon Zone new epsiodes air every sunday. neeet ( i am a fan of the show as well, whats not to love about batman w/ a big robot?)


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well... the first 13 episodes have been avalable for a long time, no word on bandai's site when these new episodes will be avalable.