Bin without cue

I have downloaded shining force 3 premium and magic knight rayearth from Ralos´ ftp. This games haven´t got cue, i don´t know how burn the bin without cue. I think it is imposible. Please sombody can send me this cue files

Thank you


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I'm pretty sure that it won't correctly burn .bin files that have more than one audio track without the cuesheet. I have heard that CDRWin 5 uses DiscJuggler format, though...
i'm not sure about this but theres a program that can convert .bin to .iso. It think the program is called Winiso


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People, people... PLEASE don't tell every newbie in need of help to "just burn the bin without a cue in Discjuggler"... There's just no way that *every* game will burn correctly this way...if you haven't had any problems with that yet, it's pure luck IMHO...

Rule of thumb, a bin is worthless without a cuesheet... Although it *is* somewhat possible to scan a bin for track start/end points, that is not a reliable method.

Until someone proves to me that a bin image with a Mode1, a Mode2 and multiple wavs will burn correctly and play on a Saturn without a cue... this is the stance I'm taking. Heed my words...


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Originally posted by ToxicTimmy@July 13 2002,22:10

Convert it to an ISO with Raw2iso then use CDRwin

I believe that will only work if the bin is a Mode 1/2352 data track and not an entire disc image (data and audio).