Booting imports without modchips or boot discs ?

Hello everyone

a few months ago I found a web page that described how to turn a european dreamcast into a universal dreamcast without using modchips or boot discs, but simply by using a controller with VMU and the DC keyboard. During the boot-up procedure, you had to type a command with the keyboard. If your timing was correct, a save state would be created on the VMU. During rebooting, the DC would automatically load the save file from the VMU, the blue swirl displayed on the screen would become purple and the DC would be able to boot any game (EURO, USA, or JAP) without any modchips or boot discs like Utopia or DC-X. At that time, I did not have a DC keyboard, so I didn't bookmark the link to that web page, and of course I never had the opportunity to test myself if this trick worked or not. Now I have a DC keyboard but I can't find that page anymore. Does anyone know anything about this ? Maybe some other site that describes how to do this trick ? Actually, I do not even know if it was true or a fake :

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Thank you,