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Hey guys, with the BBA for DC, Network Adaptor for PS2, Broadband modem in the Xbox, and with the modem coming out later for the GC, I want to know, how do you play with a Cable connection? With DSL, you just plug in the DSL line into the phone jack in your wall, and then into the jack on the modem (that is, if it supports BB, and or has it separate like the GC and the PS2). However, with cable, (on your computer), you have the actual modem (sitting on top of my computer), plugged into an Ethernet (that is what it plugs into correct?) card, and it also has the thick black cable cord going into the ceiling. Now, if I want to play broadband on my PS2 when it launches later this year, what all do I need in order to play with my cable connection?
i'm assuming just a router and some wire that runs from the modem to the ethernet card just connect that to the router then your ps. i don't know how the ps works all the internet stuff out but that should be all you'd have to do.
Well, with my cable modem, you had the TV cable and that plugged into the back of the cable modem, and then you have the ethernet cable run out of that and into your ethernet card in your computer. What you do is you put all you settings in the PS2 (you can find them under Start->Run->winipcfg), then you unplug the ethernet cord from your ethernet card, plug it into your PS2, then hit the reset button on your cable modem. You wait a minute, and then you can use it with your PS2. Confused yet?
it's easier to just do it wiht a router that way you don't have to disconnect your computer from the internet and you can hook your ps2 up to it.
Okay..... what am I to do if the PS2 is on the first floor, whereas my computer is on the second floor, and the other computer is in the basement? Is there anyway to do this with out needing a router?
where in the house are they? all you need is a drill with a large bit, and an easy path to your other floors..

With the xbox and dc it is simple, hook up a hub to your dsl/cable box, then wire ethernet cable from the box to other sources such as your game systems other comps etc