Today I decided to turn on my Sega CD after a long time. The spinning logos appeared and the tray opened, so I put a game and closed the tray, but after 3 seconds the tray opened again. I tried different games and audio CDs with same results. The access LED never stops blinking. Could it be broken?

Try using a Cd Laser Lens Cleaner. basically a regular Cd, with some brushes on the underside.


is what it looks like
actually i find it easier to just tear the thing open and swab it with a q-tip and rubbing alcohol. I find it works the best and is cheap and easy.
Thanks for the replies.

I tried both methods but the problem continues.

Is there anything else I could try before taking it to a technician (If i can find one)?
well, if you feel up to it, take it apart, and clean the dust from inside of it. then you have to figure out how it goes back together.