Building a computer

Hey Guys,

I want to build a computer. What is the best mobo for the new Athlon XP 3000 (+)

and where can I buy one online? I'm figuring the Athlon will be cheaper than a P4 and the RAM will be cheaper as well. I just need a good mobo/processor combo right now. Thanks guys.
Yeah right now I'm getting a LEADTEK K7NCR18G-PRO from newegg

It's a nForce board with TV-out included.

nForce has the best integrated sound and had a geforce 2 built in also
XP 3000+ is slower than the 3.06ghz P4 in alot of fields, and as of current is actually more expensive than the P4 3.06Ghz in alot of places. and considering the P4 can use the same ram as an athlon that argument goes out the window. Also since your thinking about a topend machine get the Radeon 9700 or 9800(faster than fx5800 ultra).

Just my two cents from the ahaha Intel is better once more gallery.
While I think the debate between Intel and AMD is ridiculously stupid (it's always one-up-manship - how you can possibly say one company is better than the other in general, when they're constantly out doing each other?), gamefoo makes one good point - the 3000+ XP is a little more expensive. However, it seems as though the Barton core is better at overclocking than the P4, and from the benchmarks I've seen, the XP is a bit faster in some cases, and neck-in-neck w/ the Intel 3Ghz in others (Gamefoo didn't specify where he got his numbers - mine are from HardOCP). Essentially, it's a judgement call. If you've set your mind to the XP, don't let anyone else try to sway you. Be happy with what you buy.

Now, as for purchasing items, I'd look at,, and the aforementioned Incidentally, NewEgg is listed at pricewatch, so it's a good indicator of how competitive their prices are compared to other companies.
I'm personally only getting a XP 1700+

I'm not doing any high-end gaming.

Mostly playing emus, watching divx, ripping DVDs to divx, and tv capture

Every once in a while, I'll do Photoshop or some video editing.

3GHz would be nice, but it's not worth the money to me.

I got an Athlon because I wanted a nForce board and it's AMD only
Can anyone recommend me a good mobo, intel or AMD? I have a soundcard and graphics card (Audigy Platinum 1 internal and a GF4 Ti4600). I can't tell what the max processor a mobo can handle, since they often don't list it. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
newegg also has lots of user ratings for their stuff, including mobos.

I don't think you can check the "max" GHz are board can go -- I think it all depends on what the CPU manufacturers decide to cut off their support of a certain socket type or whatever
Best advice I can give you is to avoid cheap chipsets on motherboards. If you are buying an Athlon, get a VIA KT400 based board. If you are buying Pentium, get an Intel based board (845PE?) - whatever is the latest.

Don't buy SIS chipsets. I don't know enough about the nForce boards, other than they are used in Xboxes.
OK, here's MY advice

DON'T skimp on a good, sturdy case that's easy to assemble/disassemble and has ample room for expansion.

DEFINITELY don't skimp on a quality power supply, go with at least 300 watts. I can recommend PC Power & Cooling from personal experience.
Originally posted by Taelon@Mar 6, 2003 @ 04:30 AM

DON'T skimp on a good, sturdy case that's easy to assemble/disassemble and has ample room for expansion.

DEFINITELY don't skimp on a quality power supply, go with at least 300 watts.

I think at least 350, highly recommend 400. For the sake of longevity.

I know you didn't ask, but I'll tell you anyways. Aluminum cases go a long way for cooling. Thermaltake and OCZ make great cases.
Thanks for all your help guys! Again, if you guys have any suggestions, feel free to list them. Racketboy. thanks for the case suggestion. It looks sweet.
And thanks, guys, for answering his case question in my place. I wouldn't have known which ones to recommend, as I've yet to actually build a computer from scratch