Burning Backups with Fireburner.

Well i recently got Fireburner and after burning 2 straight coasters with it, i figured id ask how everyone else burns games with it...I have the isos, converted the mp3s to waves and then used Sega Cue Maker to make a cue sheet.(obviously) I then loaded the cue sheet, under options, i put the burning speed to 4x(my burner wont burn below that speed)Under Recording Method for the first coaster, i used Disc at once 16, Under the Multisession option, i selected close cd, then under Other option i just had Eject when finished and enable Burn Proof.The only difference with the other coaster, is i selected Disc at once 96.Well im done rambling on,(almost)does anyone have any instructions on burning backups with Fireburner?

Is that an appropriate response?
Sorry, I just couldn't help it.

I don't use Fireburner but their FAQ says

How do I burn data tracks or a combination of data and audio using FireBurner?

Click File, then Load Tracks. Use multi-select (Shift+Click or Control+Click) to specify all your data and audio tracks (including MP3's). When you click OK, FireBurner will load each track into the layout. Assuming your recording device is configured correctly via the Device Options screen, all you have to do is hit Create CD then Burn.

It looks like you should be able to burn you iso/wav games without a cuesheet this way. Give it a try and see.