burning Sega CD .bin without .cue

I downloaded Eternal Champions, but it came with a .bin and the music tracks were .mp3s. Also, there was no cuesheet. What program do I need to burn this? I've only burnt Sega CD .iso/mp3 combos, and I've never seen any games ripped like this.
Look in the misc section of SX. There you'll find Binchunker and mp3towav. You can make your own cuesheet or there is a Sega Cuesheet maker, but that's not available on SX.
The cue maker doesn't support bin files. I renamed it to a iso, made the cue, renamed it back to .bin, and changed the cue to use a bin instead of an iso file. It didn't work.
You use Binchunker to make it into an iso, then make the cue. All of this is in the misc section.
Doesn't binchunker require a cuesheet?

If somone extracted just the data track using CDRWin it would come out as a bin.

Try opening it with CDmage. If you can open it, you can extract the iso.
You're right actually, my apologies. Maybe someone kind could email you the cuesheet.. I haven't got ET so I can't I'm afraid.