Can PAR run CDr's ?

Can PAR run CDr's? gamegizmo says I can, as do many other retailers. So bought a PRA 4in1. So with no mod chip or swap trick can I play them. I haven't burned a game yet still D/Ling it. I need to know this to see when I burn them I'm doing it right.

PS: I'm a Lamer, I think I will start a Lamerz FTP, JOY!

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You must have misheard. The PAR 4in1 cart does not let you play backups alone. The only 2 ways to play backups is still either swap or mod. However, swapping with the PAR 4in1 cart on to play RAM cart required games (e.g., SFZ3) is possible and has been confirmed.
Gamegizmo say that the Action Replay+

"Allows playing of all Sega Saturn IMPORT and import backup (CD-R) games on all USA / JAP / PAL consoles"

That is, if you can already play backups, you can play _import_ backups too.

Still, it's worded badly...
there are NO carts that defeat the copy protection. The AR5in1 cart will let you do the following:

1. play games that require 4mb RAM

2. play games that require 1mb RAM

3. play import games (originals)

4. provide cheat functions and PC link functions.

5. provide 4mb save game memory. (does not get "seen" by games, so you have to copy from internal memory to the cart yourself!)

and that's it. nothing more, nothing less.

the AR5in1 cart DOES make the swap trick easier to perform though. It allows you to take your time when swapping from the CDR to an original, but you must be quick when swapping back to the CDR.

The ONLY way to play CDR's is by fitting a mod chip or using the swap technique.