Can someone help me with modding my Saturn?

Okay...let me get this straight...

I don't understand what is 0014 and 0019 bridge and if I have a 64 pin ribbon and a 21 pin model...and I don't know where to I am asking there a topic or a site that tells me how to install a modchip(from Jandaman) in my Saturn?

*Prays to don't get anything to solder*

P.S.- The only thing I know is that my saturn has round buttons in power and this good...

And the swap trick is dangerous?

Hope you guys can help a desperate boy here!! :damn:
Trying that tomorrow if you can tell me another thing...

a friend of mine who has a modchip opened his saturn but when he put it again he lost his internal data...and his batteries weren't dead(that is what he told me), and I don't have a cartridge, and I have Shining Force III Scenario I in the internal memory(my batteries have 6 months), and I don't wanna risk...can it delete internal data?
ok tnx...last question...

what is the difference between 0014 and 0019(I know what it is already)?

And yes...I am a newbie and a dumb :smash

CHEERS! :cheers
Probably when installing region switch some lines get shorted or something, and saturn's mem gets messed up.. :(

0014 and 0019, don't bother with that.. leave it in 0014 "default mode" :lol:


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To get the Saturn to work reliably you're going to have to do at least some soldering.

As IBarracudaI said, read this. It may save you asking a lot more questions.