Can't Get Popful Mail to run on Gens

Can't Get Popful Mail to run on Gens

I'm using CDRWIN 3.8G and I'm following the instructions on this site to creat a .bin and .cue file, but it doesn't seem to get beyond the Sega Logo with Sonic next to it. Maybe there's a special way to make Popful Mail? Maybe there is a country lock-out on it? Can anyone help me with this?


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Can't Get Popful Mail to run on Gens

AFAIK Gens won't run bin/cue disc images.

The Gens 2.00 readme mentions iso, bin and raw data tracks as well as mp3 audio. Gens is probably reading the bin disc image that you have made (which would contain the audio as well) as just a data track and then it goes to find seperate mp3 audio tracks, doesn't find them and so crashes.

That's my theory anyway.

To get around this I'd suggest either playing directly from a game CD or making an iso/mp3 rip. Ripping guides can be found here.