is there a sega saturn catridege that has RAM and MEMORY for saving? cos I dont like buying 2 different ones, oh and do they sell it at lan kwei?

Not what you're looking for tho, it's the same thing, but less memory blocks, plus it's missing the extra videoram.

Direct saving just allows you to save games straight to the card, rather than saving it to your saturn, and then booting your saturn up, going into the mem manager and transfering files from the saturn to the card and back.

edit: yes, as in I'm agreeing with you, you won't be able to play those games with the cart I told you they had at Lan-Kwei.
A bit off-topic, but the cartridge memory isn't video memory, but rather general-purpose (slow) RAM that can be used to store anything (except program code, as Sega didn't allow it).
Yes, but calling it "video memory" implies that it is used by the video circuits, which isn't the case.