Castlevania Dracula X

Ok, I got an ISO+MP3 version of dracula X (2 isos, the rest audio tracks) I burned a copy at 2x, and when I check the cd, it only lists one file: track1.cda. I put this sucker into a portable cd player and it plays the tracks. Did I make the cd correctly? I can't get Magic Engine to work in Win Xp (any other worthwhile emus out there?) and I'm thinking about getting a turbo duo. Do I need to worry about copy protection, then? Thanks.
I've never burned a ISO of a PC Engine cd so I can't really say if you did it right or not. Try Yame as it's the only other emulator that plays PC Engine cds. There's no copy protection on Duos but make sure it's burned right as Duos can be quite picky with reading PC Engine cds.
Ok, I tried Dracula X on YAME and I got a load rom error. Does anyone have a complete ISO of Drac X? No ISO/MP3 stuff, please. I think I could set up something on ICQ. Any help would be greats. Thanks.
Did you use Yame right? When you load it up you have to pick the 3.0 system card for your rom and have your cd in the cd drive.