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Hey, everytime I try to make Audio CDs w/ either Nero or Easy CD Creator 6 I always get this error about buffer underrun.....It will burn data cds fine though. What's up w/ this? I am running Win2k pro and have a TEAC CD-W54E. Anyone know how I can fix this? Thanks guys...
The files are from the HDD. I am using 4x speed, my max.....Maybe it's a driver issue? Anyone know where I can get the Win2K drivers for it? I see tonz for 3.1 and 95...but none for 2000. Also, could it be an ASPI layer issue?
New ASPI layer didn't do my guess is drivers...I have looked EVERYWHERE for Win2k drivers for this....anyone know where I can get em? Thanks
It's an obscure problem related to the cue-sheet. Just rebuild the cue-sheet and try again, I guess.

I had that problem trying to burn Rakugaki Showtime or whatever it's called (PSX), a pure bin with a simple cue that just pointed to the rip... so I just loaded the bin into Nero directly and set it manually, and it worked fine.
What type of audio CDs are you burning. Are you copying a CD, or are you converting audio files; .mp3, or .wav into CDs?

Are you copying "on-the-fly" with two CDROM drives, or are you copying the CD first to the HD and then burning the CD?

Give us as much info as you can.
Originally posted by klakalou@Jun 5, 2003 @ 10:05 PM

the best thing i could recommend is not using windows me.

he said he's using 2K, but yeah I would agree with that
I am using Audio files (tried both mp3 and wav formats) and I drag and drop into Nero's and Easy CD Creator's window to add it to my list of shit to be burned. I have the latest ASPI layer but not the latest driver....can't find drivers for the device....I tried sum for win95 and I think that might be why it's bein gay.
um that might be -- don't use old win9X driver on the NT-based systems

Win2K didn't have drivers for it itself?
From TEAC's site

DE CD-RW Drive Drivers

The following information applies to TEAC's 5.25" Internal IDE CD-RW drive models CDW54E (4x4x32), CDW58E (8x8x32), CDW512E/EB (12x10x32), CDW516EB (16x10x40), CDW524E (24x10x40), CDW540E (40x12x48), CDW548E (48x16x48) and CDW552E (52x24x52).

Windows Drivers:

There are no drivers required to be installed in Operating Systems (OS) such as Windows 95, Windows 98/98SE, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000 Professional, and Windows XP. Once the drive has been properly installed per the instructions on your user's guide, the drive will be detected automatically by Windows as a standard CD-ROM drive. Therefore, in My Computer or Windows Explorer, you should be able to read any data disc that you insert into the TEAC recorder drive. If you cannot read any data CD-ROM disc on the recorder drive, retrace your steps to make sure the drive is properly configured on your system. If you can read the data CD-ROM disc properly, then the TEAC CD-RW drive is properly installed. Installing the recording software is the next step in the procedure.

In order for the drive to work as a recorder, now you will need to install the recording software that came with your TEAC kit or other recording software that you have purchased. Once you installed this recording software following the guidelines on the installation manual, you should be able to then record audio and data files. Please reference the corresponding HELP files on your software for guidance on how to use the software itself.

MS-DOS Driver:

Due to these drives' Standard IDE/ATAPI interface, you can use the TEAC MS-DOS driver on a bootable floppy diskette to have access to the CD-RW drive upon system bootup. You will not be able to record in a DOS environment, for the drive will only work as a CD-ROM drive. This, however, is all that you need if you are using the CD-RW drive for its CD-ROM drive features upon bootup to possibly reload your Windows Operating System back on the computer system.

The only driver that TEAC provides is for MS-DOS environment. If you need this driver, please download the compressed file ATAPICD.EXE. When decompressed, this file contains the MS-DOS driver (TEAC_CDI.SYS ver 1.27Q) and the instructions file IDE_DOS.DOC. These instructions apply to the above mentioned models and include the necessary steps for creating a bootable disk. You can also use the Windows 98 or Windows Me Startup diskette for this same purpose, for this diskette already contains all the necessary files that will recognize your CD-RW upon bootup.
Internal, and it might of....I didn't rlise they were win95 drivers till after I installed it, the site said win2k....but the proggy said win95. gay huh?
I updated my post before after you replied

found some info

I would suggest uninstalling the drivers/drive, uninstalling the ASPI layer if you can, reboot, see if the drive is installed automatically, and then reinstall the ASPI layer
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hmmmm, to uninstall it will I need to unplug it?

no uninstall it in Windows device manager

then when you restart windows it should re-install it itself
this has to be the most misunderstood thread I've read.

Someone didn't read he was burnin' Audio CDs, and thought it was game cue sheets?

Another person misread Win2k as WinME.

Geez, people! pay attention to what you're reading.

Somehow BJammzz answered he has an internal drive, when nobody has asked that yet. . . but I think racketboy might have and he just edited his post to something different.

Anyways, how funny. . .back to topic.
Originally posted by Tindo@heart@Jun 5, 2003 @ 11:09 PM

Somehow BJammzz answered he has an internal drive, when nobody has asked that yet. . . but I think racketboy might have and he just edited his post to something different.

that's the case

I found out on the Teac site and changed my post
How fuking stupid is this.....I uninstalled everything and it still didn't work, understandable. But then I turned off this write CD Text option in roxio's proggy...seems to be workin. I dont think Nero even gives me this as an fuk Nero, I dont like it anyways. Sorry, just had to tell the world how much I hate Nero...Now I can start burnin CD's for my new car! woot!