cd covers

Wondering how you guys attach printed out cd covers to your cdrs. I've tried cutting them with an exacto blade and attaching them with scotch tape (it's what I got), and the finished job leaves something to be desired. I wasn't sure if glue would eat up the cdr.
I'm pretty sure you can cd shaped blank stickers. Just run them through your printer, peel and stick. Although I'd never bother unless you had some good looking original art (like the CD cover section here). Trying to make them look real is lame.
i've gotta dot-matrix printer

so, should i print out sum k-rad ultra-elite asci art cd labels?

nah, think i stick to my sharpie
i use cd stickers that have been lazer cut out ready for me

i persoanlly only use them on audio, as they do increase the weight of a CD