cdmage doesnt work, says cdi file is wrong, any other ways?

oh yeah dig, we are talking about converting cdi files, not putting your mom in her place
it could be its a discjuggler 3 image, in which case your easiest bet is to burn it to a cd-rw, and rerip it from that cdrw into bin/cue format

i assume your wanting to patch it for the country code right? (you can use a cdr instead, but a cd-rw would just allow you to reuse the disc after thats all)
Maybe you should stop pirating dreamcast games, since you're too stupid to figure out how to burn/convert them.
What makes you think the CDI file herrgafgarion is trying to convert is a DC game? IIRC, someone here did post a link to his/her web site that had Saturn games to download, but they're in DiscJuggler (.CDI) format.
There is a decent program kicking around ... I can't remember the website but it's called


Who woulda thought of that, man?!?
bin2iso only converts bin files to iso's, not cdi, and plus, the newer cdi files are fucked and you cannot extract a bin file out of them using cdmage if i remember correctly.
okay whatever :)

I'll refrain from making suggestions in the future...

I only used it once :p

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You're right 'kuma. I apologize for jumping the gun. CDI is a format though that is widely used for dreamcast piracy.
You can use cdirip to convert the cdi to a raw iso file and then isofix to make the iso readable by cdmage or isobuster. The latest version of cdirip supports even cdi files of discjuggler 3.5
its not a dc game, it is Blue Seed for saturn

i can use DJ but i cant change the country code and then it wont boot so that would be a waste of time, same thing with turning it to NRG, it wont let me change country code, hey DIG grow the #### up man, make a friend or get a hobby that doesnt require you making yourself look like an ass. OH by the way the newest beta of CDMAGE turns it to a bin just fine, burned it today and it works great, thanks for all the help.
Anyways, you are able to extract the files with the same procedure as a DC copy (I think). Maybe the things that change are the files start sector and the boot.bin filename. Someone knows this, or at least the start sector and how to make a working saturn cd from plain files (don't tell me they are standard mode1 tracks)?
If there was no CDmage, you could have burned it to CD-RW (if you have) or CD-R, then rip that back to an image in BIN/CUE format and convert the country code that way. But since CDmage worked, case closed.