Check this out!

wow...and i thought people on the phone were bad enough. and if you're the passenger in a car you should be talkin to the hunny's at the red lights. not playin DC!
I love my Dreamcast, but come on


That's probably why there was such traffic problems today in CA -- worse that a cell phone
That would be pretty sweet to get something like that. But that would be way too much money for me to spend. Well maybe when I strike it rich
Yeah, but think of it, handhold system would go out of work! Because everyone would spend their life savings on this [/sarcasm]
1. How does he keep it from melting while the car is parked some where?

2. Too much money and free time, granted it's neat but come one...
i hardly see a car as the ideal gaming environment. i think it would be a cool novelty but suck quite alot for the games mentioned (grandia and tokyo) since they require a few hours of play at a time to get anywhere. i'd hardly like to spend this time cramped up in a car playing on a little screen.

but if i was driving interstate... HELL MAD SHIT