Christmas presents for me..

So ... we opened up our presents a bit early this year :) My wife was cool enough to get me some Sega stuff...

a new Action Replay Plus cart, a couple Saturn lightguns, a new in box Sega 32x (no games yet), an Intellivision System Changer (so I can play some 2600 games on it). Of course, I returned the favor by buying her a new Game Gear and a few games :)

No point to this post, just wanted to brag :)
Hey dude, I highly recommend you get Star Wars Arcade for 32x. It is my personal favorite 32x game, and also my all time favorite Star Wars game. In my Opinion it is better than the new SW games for PS2 or Gamecube.

Long Live SEGA.
Star Wars 32x? I'll check in to it. There's a local Game Xchange where I'm at that has about 70 32x games in stock (not all diff titles, but total) new in boxes for 3.99 each. I think I'll go stock up.
there is this 1 game that is very under-rated and not many people have it, but t-mek. t-mek for 32x is so awesome. its highly recommended. same with knuckles chaotix
32x had much better port of doom compared to SNES

also the 32x port of mk2 was really good. outdated, yes, but good nontheless
32x star wars is pretty cool...

personally Knuckles Chaotix is my pick for must-have 32x title..

and i'd like to see what all the fuss over Spiderman: Web of Fire is about..

(My wife got me a Neo Geo Pocket Color and Pocket Linker w/16mb flash cart... Sonic Pocket and Rainbow Cotton and Metal Slug.. oh my!)
lancastoor: the 16mb ngpc flash cart you have, does it support game saves? (im waiting on mine through the post currently and just had a sudden thought)

Star Wars Arcade? What's that like?

Anything like that Star wars 3-D arcade game thing? Don't know how to explain it.. like, you pick which of the trilogy you want to play and then you'll start off on either an x-wing or for jedi you'll be on the runner.. and you get this one control stick..
metalgraymon: yep, it supports sram saves no problem.. can even flash the saves back and forth to pc.. just need to get the 32mbit card so i can play the 2 or 3 32mbit games... (one of thems metal slug 2nd mission so its a must have..)