Classic Philips CD-I System

What happended to the classic Philips CD-I, I just picked model 910 up from a pawn store dirt cheap... was there any good games for this system... , I remember seeing this system on TV along time ago... anybody recommend any games or know where to get them?, oh and it doesnt have a controller or remote

, wonder if theres a way to program a tv or dvd remote to this... any good advice?
Dvd remote? That's a cool idea. I dont think either of those two things can in any way be compatible with the cd-i though.
Um, Wand of Gamelon CD-i GAMES? There's only one Wand of Gamelon.

I used to own all the Zelda CD-i titles and I really enjoyed them. They were:

Link: The Faces of Evil

Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon

The Zelda Adventure

The first two play very similar to Link's Adventure on the NES. The third returns to the classic overhead style but with very psudo-realistic graphics. I really liked that game a lot.
I stated that wrong, I didn't mean The Wand of Gamelon games... I just didn't put a "," apostrophe in there... I meant the Zelda CD-i games and named one of them.

Sorry for the confusion. DBOY summed it up though
Prior to my CD-i being stolen, I played those games ALL the time.

I've still never found a replacement unit in a reasonable price range.