Sega Saturn in-game resetting problem

Hello everyone,

I am using a Japanese Model 1 Sega Saturn on PAL territory. The console power specifications indicate it works at 100V 15W 50/60Hz, so I am using a step-down voltage converter, from 220V to 110-120V 50W 60Hz (as indicated in product label), assuming the voltage difference would not make any difference due to electrical tolerance.

Everything seems to work fine. However, after about 30 minutes I get spontaneous in-game resetting, generally matching CD-loading, as if the system rapidly switched off and then on. From this point, these resets occur with a higher frequence.

I checked the power supply unit, but apparently it is OK, it has neither bad capacitors nor burnt components. Thinking the cause could be a reading problem, I recalibrated the laser using its POT, and even changed the laser pick-up. However, I'm still having these annoying resetting problem.

The question is: Which is the cause of this problem and how could it be solved? Has anybody suffer the same issue? Could it be in fact due to an overheat problem caused by the step-down converter I am using?

Thanks in advance for your attention and wise advice!

Thanks, antime!

Yeah, that's what I'm thinking about. However, the console doesn't reinitiate from the main menu, but only when playing a disc. :confused2:
The CD drive adds a significant power draw. Does the hardware still crash if you open the case and place a fan blowing over the power supply? If you have another same model console then swapping the PSU would quickly verify if it's the problem.
Good to know this... So maybe it all could be a PSU problem. I'll try with a fan, though I don't have one here right know. Unfortunately, I neither have another same PSU to swap, but I'm going to look for one as a replacement.

Thank you very much for your advice, antime!